Monday, December 14, 2009

"14 Days Til CHRISTmas"

Hello All,

It has been 10 days since I last blogged.  We finally got the lights up outside and we don't have enough to finish the front.  We lived in a smaller house and now we have a bigger house and not enough lights.  Went to walmart this morning to see if they had any- no not a one.  The guy said they didn't even get any in this year.  What?  No CHRISTmas lights?  What's wrong with them?! 
The kids got their trees up and they decorated them ALL by themselves.  Aziyah has a pink one and Aaron and Jordan got a green one.  I am almost done with CHRISTmas.  Got to wrap my parents gifts and in-laws gift and get them in the mail-quick!!  Came by the post office this afternoon and it was crowded!  I discovered that our post office opens at 8 am, so when I drop the kids off on Wednesday I will go straight there and get those packages in the mail.  I hope you all know you only have 13 more shopping days!  Better get moving! 

I am making a pink tweety bird pack pack tomorrow (at least that's the plan) to put in my shop.  I have a few other things to photogarph and get listed as well.  Will post it once it's done; perhaps before 2010!

Here is a picture of our tree with lots of handmade ornies by the kids; some are at least 10 years old!

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