Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Day

So, yesterday was dear Hubby's birthday.  He just wanted a nice quiet dinner at home with family.  He and Jordan had to take the tree to the recycling place and then I had to vacuum up all the pine needles.  I didn't water the tree for a few days so there wouldn't be much water in it once they got ready to take it out.  We had a 7 ft tree!  It was beautiful though.  I just loved everytime I walked in I could smell the pine. AHHHH!

Well I cooked hubby some fried chicken (yum), so chicken fried rice and peas and carrots- peach cobbler was desert!  I must say that Aaron gave him a run for his money.... he ate 3 big legs just like daddy!  Aaron can eat.  Needless to say that Aaron and Phonso had the same amount of food. 

I cut out another little aline dress, this will be going in my shop too.  I now have 12 items listed...Yea me!  My plan is to TRY and sew something everyday, although I do have other things to do in between stitches.  Well I'm getting ready to go and get dinner ready for tonight plus I'm baking cookies with my new kitchen aid mixer!  Phonso got it for me for Christmas. He is the greatest!  See ya.

Yummy! Golden Crisp Fried Chicken

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  1. Ohhh, looks good! I love fried chicken! I like to fry mine in a cast iron skillet, I think it gives it a good flavor.