Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hello There!

Well it has been a while since my last blog.  Been super busy.  My oldest runs track and he and his team mates made it to the Penn Relays.  They ran the 4x100 relay and they came in 3rd Place!!!  So proud of them.

I had an order for a tote bag and a DST pillow.  They came out great and needless to say to say she loved them both.  I also made a patrotic dress and bow for a friends grand-daughter and again she loved the set.  I am now working on restocking my etsy.  My daughter's seashell angels have been selling like crazy!  She is saving for something special, and at this rate she will have it soon.

I have put myself on a fabric diet.  I have TOO much fabric!  I would like to sew something everyday, but that can't happen if I'm on the computer, now can it?  I will try to write once a week to keep you up to date and show you what I've done that week.  I should be able to write frequently.

Well here are the things completed in the last few weeks.